How can your company collaborate?

What does the Foundation offer your company?

- Collaborate with a global football icon such as Samuel Eto'o, the most renowned non-governmental media figure on the African continent.

- The opportunity to integrate your collaboration in long-term strategies.

- An organization that is totally transparent in its management and use of funds.

What benefits do we provide?

- Greater social recognition for the company from its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

- Added value to the brand product.

- Access to other types of public that are identified with the Foundation’s mission.

- Strengthening of the company’s internal image in the eyes of its employees.

How can companies collaborate with the Foundation?

Corporate Actions:

- Make direct contributions of the amount they consider appropriate.

- Sponsorship of events.

Actions with products and services:

- Cause-related marketing campaigns.

- Fund-raising campaigns involving clients.

Actions with employees.

For more information, please contact us on 93 93 419 89 20.