Kiwi - Shoes for Africa

In Western Europe people are developing the disposable syndrome, which includes among other things the lack of a need to extend the life of their shoes.

The other side of the coin is Africa, where people are very concerned about their shoes and with taking care of them: as they don’t have access to many shoes, they prolong their life with care and affection.

The further down someone is on the socio-economic scale, the more they value and look after their shoes ... they must ensure they last. There are even people in the lowest socio-economic groups that cannot afford to buy a pair of shoes. In response to this situation, a spectacular campaign to collect shoes for Africa is going to be carried out under the sponsorship of Samuel Eto'o.

The "Shoes for Africa" campaign will be like a film: full of emotion, a social phenomenon- The "Shoes for Africa" campaign aimed at encouraging everyone to deposit their shoes at collection points.

500,000 pairs of shoes were collected at Hipercor centres and El Corte Ingles.